Monday, October 24 – Tuesday, October 25

Slow and steady wins the race.  I guess.

Neither of these days was anything exceptional, they both were the sort of slow and steady days that add up to reasonable performance.  As is usual on Mondays I had to drive into far western Nassau County for a meeting.  What was a bit unusual is that I found the meeting quite helpful.  I had a long talk with another salesperson, and I told him that I was quite depressed over the Guaranteed Sure Thing sales that I had lost last week.  For some reason I had way more than my share of such setbacks last week.  He told me that things of this sort happen to everyone, and it’s important – though not always easy – to remember that they aren’t the end of the world.  You just have to keep reminding yourself that there always are more potential customers.  I was grateful for this advice.

Anyway, my results for these two days weren’t bad.  I kept telling myself that each potential customer is a discrete event.  In other words, just because I wasn’t able to close potential customers A, B and C does not have any bearing on potential customer D.  It’s not as if people communicate telepathically among themselves.

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  1. In a way they’re not discreet events, because you are the link between them, and if prospects A, B, and C, beat you down, you’ll have less confidence in approaching D.

    I wish I knew what you are selling now. It’s not insurance, right? Is it another intangible product?

    Do you regret leaving your non-sales job to do this?

  2. Yes, that’s very true. If I lose my attitude because I strike out with one customer it’ll make it harder when I deal with the next one. As I’ve gotten more experienced I’ve also gotten better at maintaining my attitude, but I still have a long way to go.

    I have no regrets at getting into sales, despite these ups and downs.

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