Monday, October 31 – Tuesday, November 1

All Saints’ Day is a much happier day than Halloween

I pretty much expected that Monday wouldn’t be a particularly productive workday.  As is usual on Mondays I went into Nassau County for a late-morning training session and meeting, what wasn’t usual was that the session was much shorter than usual. Being it Halloween, the manager said that any sales activity would likely take place early in the day, with the evening hours very quiet.  We therefore got an early start.  Or should have, in my case; due to some other things I had to do, I didn’t get into the field until mid-afternoon.  It was indeed a very quiet day, even though I was at what is usually a fairly reliable sales location.

Tuesday provided a much-needed measure of redemption.  Not to mention an even-more-needed earnings infusion.  I was at one of the busier sales locations, and even though I was working with another salesperson I ended up having a really nice day.  Things got off to a relatively rocky start, with a couple of potential deals unraveling at the last minute – it’s much better to get a flat “no” right at the beginning than for a deal to collapse farther along – but I was patient, or reasonably so, and my luck turned around.  Hey, I like a quick start as much as anyone else, but if it takes awhile that’s fine too.

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