Wednesday, November 2 – Thursday, November 3

When “yes” means “no.” Or something like that.

Let’s assume that I work selling vinyl siding in Sears stores.  Neither of those assumptions is actually the case, but it’s necessary to be circumspect in order to maintain occupational confidentiality.  During the course of the workday I approach shoppers in various departments of the store and ask them if they are interested in re-siding their houses.  Invariably, some customers – I’m guessing about one in every 50 – will answer “yes” to my question, only to deny any interest when I make further inquiries.  In other words, some people will reflexively say “yes” when they don’t mean that at all.  Are human beings really that dense?  The answer is obvious.

As for these two days, my results were decent though not spectacular.  Better than Monday’s results – which isn’t saying much – but not quite as good as Tuesday’s.

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