Friday, November 4

On fertile ground

One of the rules we’re taught at JKL Sales is that all sales locations are equal.  It does not matter to your potential results which one of the 15+ locations you happen to be assigned to on a particular day.  Some locations may be more conveniently located than others, but that’s the sole significant difference.  This is the theory.  In reality, I have found that some locations actually are better than others.  This is often due to more-or-less logical reasons: location A might be busier than location B, location C may attract people with a more favorable demographic profile than location D; and other things which I can’t mention while maintaining the necessary confidentiality.

In the case of one location, let’s call it location E, there are no obvious reasons why it should work well.  But it does.  Every time I go there I do well, maybe it has something to do with my expectations and attitude.  Whatever the reasoning, all that matters is that I can count on a good day in location E.  Suffice to say that’s where I went today, and it was a very nice day.

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