Thursday, November 10 – Friday, November 11

The first five seconds

One rule that applies in most types of sales is that you have no more than five seconds to get a prospective customer to like you.  Making this good first impression is no guarantee than you’ll make the sale, of course, but not making this good first impression is a guarantee that you won’t make the sale.  By “like you” I don’t mean making a lifelong friend or anything of that sort, what matters is that the prospective customer sees you as a decent person who won’t try to swindle him or her.  It’s a pretty low bar, when you think about it, yet it can be quite a challenge.

The more time I spend in sales, the more I realize that the “5 second rule” also applies in the opposite direction, in a somewhat different form.  When I get past the initial stage and start giving a full presentation, I have a pretty good idea right off the bat whether the customer is going to buy anything. There’s no single giveaway.  For example, the fact that the customer makes eye contact is a good sign, but no guarantee.  The same is true for asking questions.  Rather, there is a whole set of verbal and non-verbal things that when taken together will show that the customer is interested, but it’s almost impossible to express these in words.  It’s really the sort of thing that comes with experience.

Both days were reasonably good, but not outstanding.  I spent Thursday in a location that’s always been reliable for me.  Despite not being very busy, I was able to do okay.  Friday was busier, what with the quasi-holiday, though my results were about the same as the prior day’s.

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