Monday, November 14 – Wednesday, November 15

One out of three isn’t … well, it is pretty bad, but not disastrous

One thing about my line of work is that Mondays tend to be slow sales days.  My best guess is that it is due in part to the general slow pace of consumer-related business following weekends (note for example that many restaurants are closed on Monday) and in part to a factor peculiar to the specific nature of the company. I drove into Nassau County for the regular weekly meeting, narrowly avoiding a major construction delay on the Expressway by getting off at an exit right before the delay and taking some secondary roads the rest of the way.  Dealing with all the traffic lights seemed to be the better approach.

Following the meeting I went to a work location in central Suffolk, only to show distinctly mediocre results.  While this is usually a decent-ish location, the customer flow was notably less than usual.  That, however, is not the sole reason for my dismal day.  I just wasn’t particularly sharp in dealing with customers.  Objections that I usually can overcome with little trouble proved to be insurmountable obstacles.  It’s as if my normal skills eluded me.

Tuesday was a far better day.  I was at a much closer location, one that’s always been reasonably if not spectacularly productive.  It wasn’t busy today, but I was definitely on my A game and made the best of the situation.  It’s hard to say whether my skills at overcoming objections were significantly better than they had been yesterday, for the simple reason that all of today’s customers were fairly easy to handle.  Such objections as they raised were half-hearted and easy to counter.  All in all, Tuesday was a vast improvement over Monday.

I didn’t work on Wednesday, for a variety of reasons.  Tuesday’s success meant that missing a day wouldn’t be a huge financial setback.

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