Wednesday, November 2 – Thursday, November 3

When “yes” means “no.” Or something like that.

Let’s assume that I work selling vinyl siding in Sears stores.  Neither of those assumptions is actually the case, but it’s necessary to be circumspect in order to maintain occupational confidentiality.  During the course of the workday I approach shoppers in various departments of the store and ask them if they are interested in re-siding their houses.  Invariably, some customers – I’m guessing about one in every 50 – will answer “yes” to my question, only to deny any interest when I make further inquiries.  In other words, some people will reflexively say “yes” when they don’t mean that at all.  Are human beings really that dense?  The answer is obvious.

As for these two days, my results were decent though not spectacular.  Better than Monday’s results – which isn’t saying much – but not quite as good as Tuesday’s.

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Monday, October 31 – Tuesday, November 1

All Saints’ Day is a much happier day than Halloween

I pretty much expected that Monday wouldn’t be a particularly productive workday.  As is usual on Mondays I went into Nassau County for a late-morning training session and meeting, what wasn’t usual was that the session was much shorter than usual. Being it Halloween, the manager said that any sales activity would likely take place early in the day, with the evening hours very quiet.  We therefore got an early start.  Or should have, in my case; due to some other things I had to do, I didn’t get into the field until mid-afternoon.  It was indeed a very quiet day, even though I was at what is usually a fairly reliable sales location.

Tuesday provided a much-needed measure of redemption.  Not to mention an even-more-needed earnings infusion.  I was at one of the busier sales locations, and even though I was working with another salesperson I ended up having a really nice day.  Things got off to a relatively rocky start, with a couple of potential deals unraveling at the last minute – it’s much better to get a flat “no” right at the beginning than for a deal to collapse farther along – but I was patient, or reasonably so, and my luck turned around.  Hey, I like a quick start as much as anyone else, but if it takes awhile that’s fine too.

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Saturday, October 29 – Sunday, October 30

My attitude on working on Saturdays is a sort of love/hate deal.  To get the bad part out of the way first, for the vast majority of my working life I’ve had a 2-day weekend and I am very loathe to change.  Even though I work just a few hours on most Saturdays it somehow throws everything out of whack.  On the love side of the equation is the undeniable fact that it’s a very productive day on which to work.  In three hours I’ll typically see more potential customers than I will on six or seven hours on a weekday.  They also tend to be in better moods and less rushed, which needless to say makes my job easier.  Finally, it’s quite common for both spouses to be together, which neatly avoids the “I have to talk it over with my spouse” objection that I hear all too often.

With all this in mind it should come as no surprise that Saturday was a good day for me this week.  In just a couple of hours I did well, and given the fact that I didn’t have any trips or other all-weekend activities on the agenda it was no huge burden to put in a couple of hours of work.  So it looks as if the love side of the equation won out.

On a far-less-lovely note, I still lacked the motivation to go to the gym.  This isn’t good.

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