Monday, November 28 – Wednesday, November 30

I doubt the AMA approves of this sort of therapy

Monday began in the usual manner, going into western Nassau for the weekly meeting.  I was running slightly behind schedule and thought I’d be late when I ran into a tie-up near Exit 39 on the Expressway.  Fortunately, after a few minutes traffic began moving at a normal pace.  There was no indication as to what might have caused the slowdown.  It’s quite possible that an incident several miles ahead caused “waves” of delay to ripple backwards.  This is a well-documented phenomenon, one that physicists have been unable to explain.  Anyway, even though I didn’t get into the field until mid-afternoon, the meeting having been a long one, I still did reasonably well.  As the day went on, my energy level began dropping at a precipitous level.  I actually had had thoughts of finally getting off my posterior and going to the gym (remember that place?) in the evening, but by the time I finished work at about 7:30 I was in no shape to do anything physical.

Tuesday was a dead loss.  I knew right from the start that I would be in no shape to work, as I was coughing, hoarse-voiced, and had a miserable headache that aspirin wouldn’t stop.  After giving the matter some thought I decided that it would be more sensible to take the day off.  Business tends to improve as the week goes on, and missing a Tuesday would be worth the lost income if it enabled me to do well later in the week.

My hopes that I’d be back in full form on Wednesday did not come true.  I was better than I’d been on Tuesday but still far from 100%.  I decided to work for a couple of hours and hope for the best.  As things turned out, I did well enough in two hours to make this a reasonably decent day.  Not bad.  I headed home about 1:30 and checked the TV listings.  Yes!  There was a trashy movie (Fatal Trust) about to start on Lifetime Movie Network.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that watching a trashy movie on LMN* is a highly therapeutic measure.  The American Medical Association probably wouldn’t approve, but hey, it works for me.  Today was no exception, because by the time the movie ended I was in much better shape, I’d say at least 80% of normal.

* = not that LMN shows non-trashy movies, of course.

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