Wednesday, December 14 – Friday, December 16

The jury’s still out on whether this constitutes “progress”

Tuesday’s modest recovery most assuredly did not carry over to Wednesday.  In fact, Wednesday was as just an unmitigated disaster as Monday had been, though of a different type.  On Monday I made quite a few presentations but had trouble closing them.  On Wednesday, despite being in what’s usually a reliable sales location, I hardly made any presentations at all.  What I encountered instead was a seemingly endless array of quick “no’s.”  In the time I’ve been in sales I’ve developed an ability to counter various sorts of objections – “not right now,” “I need to talk it over with my wife,” “I’m too busy,” that sort of thing.  What I cannot counter, not that anyone can, is a flat “no.”  And that’s what I had in droves.

Thankfully, Thursday was a much better day.  I was in a territory that I haven’t previously worked, and the prior day’s cavalcade of “no’s” was replaced by a fair share of “yes’s.”  It’s hard to say what accounted for such a stark difference.  Yes, I worked slightly longer on Thursday, but that wasn’t enough to matter.  It’s semi-heretical at JKL Sales to even hint that luck ever plays a factor, but I’ll be the heretic and say that I got much luckier on Thursday.  It’s the only explanation that makes sense.  As for Friday, it was sort of a middle ground, better than Wednesday – not that it could have been any worse, of course – though not quite as good as Thursday.

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