Tuesday, December 27 – Wednesday, December 28

In the doldrums

Just as I had expected, these were slow days in sales terms.  Traffic flow at both of the sales locations was well below normal, and few of the people were in much of a mood to listen to what I had to say.  Each day at work I keep track of my presentation rate, which is the percentage of potential customers I approach who express some initial interest and want to hear my full presentation.

As a very general rule I make one presentation for every nine or ten people approached.  Some days are better, some are worse, but it all works out to this rate.  These two days, however, it was more like one presentation for every twenty to twenty five people approached.  As I highly doubt my initial approach had changed in any way, I’m attributing the deterioration to customer attitudes in the holiday season.  I’ve been working alone the last couple of weeks, with only minimal telephone contact with my manager, so I don’t really know if other people have been experiencing similar slumps, but I highly suspect that’s the case.

On yet another down note, I wasn’t able to go to the gym either day because physically I’m just not able.  It feels like some sort of bug.  Hopefully this will pass in a couple of days and I’ll finally have enough energy to go.

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