Monday, January 9 – Wednesday, January 11

Regression to the mean … literally?

I may have spoken too soon in last week’s postings.  In them, I had noted how potential customers had become more pleasant now that the holidays and all their accompanying stresses and pressures were over.  Most people were actually being pleasant.  While I didn’t come right out and predict that this improved demeanor would continue, that certainly was the implication.

My experiences these three days make it clear that I was dead wrong.  On Monday and Tuesday especially, I encountered way more than my share of nasty and rude people.  I have not changed the way in which I approach potential customers, at least in no way that I am aware, so I have to attribute this to something in peoples’ attitudes.  It may be that the sense of relief at the end of the holidays was short-lived, and now people are regressing to their (unpleasant) normal states.  On second thought, that probably isn’t the case, as the people I’ve encountered have been among the worst I’ve dealt with in the several months I’ve been doing this work.  In other words, they haven’t regressed to normal, but rather to some sub-normal state.

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