Thursday, January 19 – Friday, January 20


It took a long time, but some major changes in my workday activities are finally coming to pass.  Starting next week I will be at one permanent sales location rather than going to a different location each day.  While this location is not as close to home as some of the other ones where I now work, it’s not as far as some others, and in many ways the predictability will be nice.  Getting there will involve mainly Expressway driving, which would not be a good thing if I were to go during rush hour, but given my approximate noon-to-7 work hours traffic shouldn’t be an issue.

Another change involves an expansion of the types of products and/or services I sell.  It won’t be quite as big an expansion as I had hoped, still leaving me with a fairly limited portfolio, but it definitely will help.  The biggest and best change, however, is that after having worked on straight commission I now will be making a base salary.  It’s nothing that will make me rich, if I made no sales and got just the base I wouldn’t really be able to make a living, but it will provide a sense of security and stability that I’ve been lacking.  All in all, I’m quite pleased with the changes.

What with the transition process needed to effectuate the changes I didn’t work in the field either day.  That of course means no earnings for either day, the base doesn’t take effect until Monday, but it should be made up to me (exactly how, I’m not sure).

On Thursday I did a quick gym session, just some one-arm dumbbell rows, 5 x 8 x 85/85.

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