Thursday, January 26 – Friday, January 27

So far so good.

Still no complaints or reservations about the new job.  On Thursday I worked at a MHIC store not far from home, as during the middle of the day I had some business to attend to at the DMV.  I sensed that I was getting more into the swing of things, refining my approach to customers.  It’s a very quick approach, I say “May I interest you in a free estimate for ______ or _______?”  As most people invariably will say no, a quick approach helps me avoid wasting time and allows me to speak to as many people as possible.  These considerations didn’t matter too much on Thursday, as in part because of the gloomy drizzly weather the store was pretty empty for most of the day.  At least the DMV business went much more quickly than I had expected.  I had forgotten to bring something to read while I waited – my plans had been to bring War and Peace or perhaps the unabridged version of Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, but such measures proved unnecessary.

Friday I returned to the same store where I had been on Wednesday. It was quite busy today, which from what I’ve gathered is the usual pattern with MHIC.  Stores are quiet on Monday and Tuesday, which in fact are my days off, get steadily busier on Wednesday through Friday, and peak on the weekends.  This is in terms of “civilian” traffic; there’s a more or less steady flow of contractors during the week, but they’re not our target market.  I actually like the idea of having my days off during the normal workweek.  It’s a change of pace, and in some cases will make it easier to do errands.  Oh, and the good news, no traffic delays getting home after work.

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