Wednesday, January 25

First day on the new job …

… and it wasn’t scary at all.  At 10 I went to the office, coincidentally not too far from my former employer ABC Insurance’s office.  It’s only about a 10-minute drive, at least outside of rush hour, though that doesn’t matter too much because I’ll most likely be going into the office just once a week, and briefly at that.  JKL Sales was very big on mainly pointless meetings and utterly redundant training sessions.  Thankfully the yet-to-be-acronymed new place is nothing like that.

After doing the usual new-employee paperwork and getting supplies, I headed out to the day’s work location, the store of a Major Home Improvement Chain (hereafter MHIC) about five Expressway exits further to the east.  This particular location, in the midst of a very busy commercial and industrial area, is quite familiar to me because – coincidence again – it’s not far from JKL Sales’ office, though for my last few months with that employer I worked mainly out of the Nassau County office.

I spent the next four hours attempting to sign up MHIC customers for the services which my employer offers.  My employer acts as a contractor for MHIC and I offer the services under that company’s name.  Everyone knows MHIC for selling just about every type of building and home improvement supplies, but in addition it offers a vast array of home improvement services through authorized contractors.  The services I offer are just one component – granted, among the biggest components – of this vast array.  Each store has an employee known as a “lead generator” who is in charge of marketing these services, in fact this employee will act as my supervisor while I’m in the store, and usually there will be another vendor representative like me who is on premises.  I spent a few minutes today talking with the solar power representative and very briefly with a millwork vendor.

For most of my shift I worked from a display that my employer has near the front of the store.  At first I talked just to people who came over to look at the display, but as the day wore on I walked around a bit and asked customers if they would be interested in the types of services I had to offer.  Most said no, as I expected, but now that I’m getting a salary rather than just commissions it’s not so bad to hear that word.  As I was told at the office, this time of year is slow for what I’m offering, but it will pick up considerably when the weather gets warmer.  Besides, given the high cost of what I’m offering, my employer’s profit from just a few completed jobs per month will probably be enough to cover my salary!

All in all, the day went well, doing this sort of work seems fine to me.  Not to mention that the security of getting a regular salary is so much preferable to being dependent on commissions.  The only down side is that the drive home took almost an hour, thanks to a crash near Exit 61 on the Expressway.  Delays stretched back almost ten miles.


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