Saturday, January 7 – Sunday, January 8

Well that was a quick workday.  As I headed off to a nearby sales location on Saturday morning I was figuring on working for maybe three or four hours.  A last-minute check of my sales materials let me know that the day might be shorter than that, however.  I realized that I had only one copy of a form that I have to use to complete a sale, and an attempt to make a photocopy was unsuccessful because my original was itself about a hundredth-generation copy and was just too light to serve as a source of any further copies.  In other words, I would be able to make only one sale.  What happened next took me by surprise – the very first potential customer I approached was interested, and my “workday” lasted about ten minutes.

I later found out some potentially good news.  While the time frame and details haven’t been finalized, it appears that before long there will be a significant expansion of the types of products and/or services I am able to sell.  A limited product/service line has been the main drawback of my work with JKL Sales, so any expansion will help, a lot.  I’ll find out more when I go to the Nassau office on Monday morning, which also will give me an opportunity to stock up on sales forms.

I did some back and shoulder work at the gym on Sunday afternoon.  One-arm dumbbell rows: 5 x 8 x 85/85.  Seated barbell shoulder presses: 2 x 8 x 95, 2 x 8 x 105.  Hammer Strength shrugs: 3 x 8 x 275.

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Thursday, January 5 – Friday, January 6

Continued improvement, and a bit of hope

Two pretty good days in the sales trenches.  Thursday I worked in what’s proven to be a reliable if unspectacular sales location, and that’ describes my results quite accurately.  Friday I was in one of the better locations, and – you guessed it – had good results.  Just like I noticed earlier in the week, people were friendlier than had been the case during the holiday season.  Understand, if a potential customer says “no” in a friendly manner the end result is exactly the same as if he or she had been rude, but nonetheless the former situation is less demoralizing.  Actually, I’ll amend that slightly.  A nasty and rude “no” can be somewhat amusing.  The situation I really hate is when a customer is not interested but is too chicken to say “no,” and instead says something condescending like “I’ll come back to [the sales location] later today and talk to you then.”

I made a gym trip Friday evening, just some bench pressing.  My results were distinctly unimpressive: 6 x 135, 6 x 165, 6 x 185, 4 x 205, 2 x 225, 6 x 185, 12 x 135.

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Monday, January 2 – Wednesday, January 4

My guess was correct

During these last couple of very slow weeks I kept telling myself that things would pick up after the holidays.  In part this was wishful thinking, and in part it was based on what I’d heard from more experienced salespeople.  As you might imagine, I was harboring significant doubts.  Deep down I was concerned that sales would continue along their dismal path.

It doesn’t appear that my concerns became reality.  Monday was a pretty good day.  Because many people had the day off, what with New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday, customer traffic was much heavier than usual for early in the week even though I was at a sales location that isn’t among the busier ones.  Tuesday wasn’t quite as good, but Wednesday picked up nicely.  Another thing I noticed is that people seemed friendlier than they had been since at least Thanksgiving.  For all the incessant chatter about Christmas Spirit and Good Will Towards All, it is no secret that many, many people find the holidays a stressful if not outright unpleasant time of year.  I saw this in action, and the post-holidays contrast is quite stark.

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Saturday, December 31 – Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year.  Despite last week’s dismal performance the year ended on a somewhat positive note, as based on what other people have told me I have reason to believe my sales activities will pick up next week.  And in attempt to seal the deal, we had corned beef and cabbage on New Year’s Day.  That’s been a family tradition for generations.  I also had a 23.5-ounce can of blue raspberry flavored Four Loko.  That’s also a family tradition.  Only this time, it started in 2011.

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Thursday, December 28 – Friday, December 29

Back on the LIRR, for a day

I had some business to attend to in Manhattan on Thursday, so for the first time in over a year I found myself riding the LIRR.  Not during rush hour, thankfully.  I got the 9:11 from Ronkonkoma to Penn, which happens to be the first off-peak train of the morning.  It was an M-3 consist, which turned out quite well for me because the 50ish woman who took the seat next to me at Central Islip was, well, I believe “BBW” is the current euphemism of choice.  There was (just) enough room for me to breathe … had it been an M-7 consist, with the hideous torture seats designed for midget anorectic quadruple amputees, I would have suffocated before we got to Brentwood.  The ride itself was uneventful, although the train was packed – in the car where I rode, near the east end of the consist, there were standees after Deer Park.  Apparently it never occurred to LIRR management that off-peak ridership during a school vacation week is going to be heavier the usual.

After an on-time arrival at Penn (which seems pretty well unchanged), I got a 1 local a couple of stops to 50th Street.  Although I had left myself plenty of time to get to my destination in a timely manner, there were a few anxious moments at 42nd as we sat on the platform with doors closed for almost 10 minutes (“Being held by dispatch”).  I later found out that a non-fatal 12-9 (person run over by train) a couple of hours earlier had caused residual delays along the entire line.

After taking care of my business matters I decided to walk back to Penn.  Not that I feared more subway delays, I just felt like walking.   I ended up taking the 2:14 to Ronkonkoma, this time an M-7 consist.  It was a lot less crowded than the morning’s train, and in fact no one sat next to me the entire way.  What rendered the ride a bit less than pleasant was the noise level.  Several people traveling together elsewhere in the car seemed unable to communicate except via shouting.  Still, it was an easy enough ride, and we got to Ronkonkoma on time.

Friday was uneventful, though I was in a usually busy location the customer traffic was very low.  Not surprising, right before the New Year’s weekend.

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