Wednesday, February 1 – Thursday, February 2

“That’s in aisle … um, 12?  Yes, 12.”

Don’t get me wrong, working in a different location each day has its advantages.  It keeps things from getting dull, each day is sort of a new opportunity.  After having gone from location to location when I was with JKL Sales, not to mention with the insurance companies before that, I’d probably find being in the same four walls every day really boring.

Yet I’m also finding that being in different locations presents its own set of challenges.  Many customers who come into Major Home Improvement Chain outlets are quite bewildered by the huge stores and don’t know where things can be found (others, especially contractors, are there all the time and know the stores better than many employees).  What this means is that I get a regular series of questions from people looking for specific items.  The fact that I’m a vendor rather than a regular employee is not relevant to customers, of course.  If I were in the same store every day it would be easy for me to know where things are located.  When I’m in different stores each day, not all of which have similar layouts, well it’s a challenge.

But I’m not complaining.  Both Wednesday and (happy Groundhog Day!) Thursday were pretty good days for me.  On Wednesday I was at a store about 15 miles away from me.  It wasn’t too busy, but I did okay, the one downside is that a fair number of the customers had trouble speaking English.  Thursday I was at a store much closer to home, another decent day.

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