Wednesday, February 15 – Friday, February 17

I’m supposed to be in how many places?

Wednesday and Thursday were unremarkable days, spent at two different Major Home Improvement Center stores.  Wednesday’s was fairly close to home, Thursday’s a bit farther, but compared to the Bad Old Days when I was in the insurance business and driving all over creation, I can’t complain.  On Thursday I ran into some rush hour traffic on the way home but it wasn’t too bad.

One interesting tidbit I picked up involved the solar electric industry.  Another vendor has been promoting this quite heavily in MHIC stores, holding seminars and all that, and pointing out that utility rebates and tax credits can bring down the out-of-pocket cost to about 40% or even less of the stated list price.  While that sounds like a terrific deal, what I found out is that it takes at least 100 qualified leads – homeowners with a genuine interest in the product – to make a single sale.  Even with the rebates and credits it generally takes at least 20 years before the reduced utility bills will equal the cost of the system, and that’s disregarding the time value of money.  Solar power sounds like a terrific idea that unfortunately is not quite ready for prime time.

I spent Friday at the MHIC store that’s sort of my home base.  It’s actually just a few miles away from the store where I was the previous day.  Management of this store had been pressing me to commit to being there two days a week, today they made it official.  From now on I have to be at that store every Wednesday and Saturday.  It doesn’t really matter to me, any location is as good as another, I’m just a bit dismayed about not having much choice.

Still not ready for the gym, my sore right shoulder is getting better but still not 100%.

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