Wednesday, February 22 – Friday, February 24

A rare foray into rush hour traffic

I spent Wednesday at the Major Home Improvement Chain store where I’ll now be going twice a week.  Again, I have nothing against this particular store, it’s just that I’ll be an infrequent visitor to the other ones on my rotation.  But hey, the money’s all the same.  All the reading I’ve been doing on the more technical aspects of what I sell came in handy when one customer peppered me with detailed questions.  Strictly speaking, I am not expected to be an expert on technical matters, I can pass that off to people at the office, but being able to offer more information just might help close some deals that otherwise wouldn’t happen.  Looking at things from a customer’s perspective, it’s much better to get an immediate answer than to be told “I can have our technical people give you a call.”  It’s also satisfying to learn about a field of endeavor that not long ago was completely unknown to me.

On Thursday I had to make an early trip into Nassau County to handle some business matters.  This required a rare excursion onto the Expressway during the heart of rush hour.  Working somewhat nonstandard hours has led me to forget that such a beast as rush hour actually exists.  I left way early, giving myself ample leeway in case of lengthy delays, naturally enough I encountered scarcely any.  Of course had I not given myself said leeway there would have been all sorts of delays.  With one or two brief exceptions I never went below about 40 mph the whole way.  That is truly remarkable.  While I had to wait in my car at the destination for over 30 minutes, I didn’t mind, as it was better than being late.  After a couple of hours I headed back to my usual neck of the woods for a shift at a MHIC store not far from me.  It was a fairly slow day, a bit surprising because this store is one of the busiest on Long Island.

I stayed close to home on Friday, working at a store just a couple of miles away.  It was less busy than Wednesday, but busier than Thursday, which surprised me a bit because it was a gloomy rainy day.  One thing I’ve learned from being in retail stores is that customers melt in the rain.  After my shift I went to the gym for neutral grip pull-ups, finally upping my rep count a bit: 3 x 5, 5 x 3.

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