Saturday, February 25 – Sunday, February 26

Busy, busy

Saturday had to be one of my busiest days in a long time.  I was at the Major Home Improvement Center where I now have to go twice a week, and even though there was no special event going on there was a pretty much continuous flow of customers for my entire shift.  One thing that helps is that my vendor’s display in that store is in a prime location directly across from the self check-outs.  In only two out of the other seven stores in my rotation is the location equivalently good.  Most other vendors, such as the ones for solar power and countertops, bring their own tables and display materials, and with the store manager’s approval can place them anywhere in the front end.  I have a permanent fixed display in each store and therefore don’t have any choice about location.  In any event, I was so busy that my shift went by in a flash.  Another nice touch was that the solar power vendor, who was also in the store, brought in pizza for all the employees and vendors.

In the evening, I watched boxing on HBO.  Every time I do so, I have the same reaction: I cannot stand their announcers.  I really, really wish a broadcast network would start televising the big fights, taking the business away from HBO and Showtime, unfortunately the chances of that happening are zero to none.

On Sunday, I went to a relatively nearby store for the first time in three weeks. It’s one of MHIC’s newer stores in Suffolk County and is more spacious than most others.  All stores carry pretty much the same merchandise lines, so this store’s slightly larger size translates into wider aisles and more open spaces.  It’s a nice touch and makes working there a bit more pleasant.  I wasn’t nearly as busy as I had been yesterday, partly because there weren’t as many customers in this store, and partly because my display isn’t as well located.  Another drawback is that many of the customers who go to this store speak English poorly or not at all.  Still, it wasn’t a bad day, and of course today finished my workweek.

Watched an interesting movie on Netflix: Lourdes, about a disabled young woman who makes a pilgrimage to the titular shrine.  There wasn’t much dialogue, and in any event it was subtitled, but it still was a welcome change to the typical sequels and comic book adaptation and assorted junk that passes for movies these days.

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