Wednesday, February 29 – Friday, March 2

Leap Year Day?  Ho hum.

I don’t know, I was sort of half-expecting Leap Year Day to be noteworthy in some way.  It comes around only once every four years, so it ought to stand out.  It was pretty mundane for me, however.  I worked at a MHIC store about five miles away.  Going there is nice because I have a pretty good relationship with the store lead generator, who like her counterparts at other stores basically acts as my supervisor when I’m working.  It was her day off, but it still was a decent day.  A little bit different than usual, as is every time at this particular store, because the lead generator has set up a table at my display area which contains materials on all of the in-home services that the MHIC offers – roofing, siding, outdoor sheds, countertops, you name it.  What that means is that I end up talking with customers about these other services and signing them up at times, rather than dealing solely with the products and/or services I’m offering.  It does keep things interesting.

On Thursday, I had been planning on going to the MHIC store that’s on my twice-a-week rotation, but because I had to do some other stuff in the morning and therefore got a late start I decided to go to a store closer to home.  I’ll be going to this closer store on Saturday for  a “family fun day,” and another one on Sunday for a vendor event, so I guess for this week I’ll be able to go to my “home” store only once, on Friday.  It was another pretty good day, with quite a few people stopping by my display.  Not much in the line of actual sign-ups, however, with most people just taking cards and brochures (and, of course, refrigerator magnets). I’ve been doing this long enough to get a pretty good idea within the first minute or two whether a customer has sufficient interest to sign up.  Given my pay arrangement, however, it doesn’t matter so much either way.  Contrast that with my dismal foray into the insurance business, where you either make a sale or you don’t earn anything.  Never again.

On Thursday evening I went to the gym with the intention of doing bench presses and maybe finally getting my greatly desired ten reps at 225.  As I was still a bit unsure about my left elbow, I did a very light warm up on a machine – and decided that benching will have to wait.  The pain is almost gone, but I’m going to wait until I’m pain-free before doing any serious benching.  It’s not like I’m on a deadline or anything.  Instead I did neutral grip pull-ups, which don’t bother my elbow: 1 x 5, 3 x 4, 5 x 3, 7 x 2.  It was nice to get five on the first set and a total of 46.

On Friday I finally made it to my home store.  As soon as I got there I apologized to the lead generator for being able to make only one trip this week, but he understood. While the store wasn’t especially busy, I did quite well, with a more or less steady flow of interested people.  About the only downside was the ferocious Expressway traffic I encountered on the way home.  People who have to drive in rush hour traffic every day must be a very patient lot!

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