Saturday, March 3 – Sunday, March 4

Where did all these children come from?

Saturday was “family fun day” at a nearby Major Home Improvement Center store. In addition to a variety of children’s games, and the regular monthly workshop, there were about ten vendors in attendance.  And a seemingly endless array of children.  One common blogospheric theme is that low birth rates are driving America to demographic oblivion.  Before long, according to the more breathless prognosticators, ours will be a declining nation of old people with few if any young people to support them.  As you might guess, a non-inconsiderable percentage of these blogospherians have ulterior motives, their concern being not so much that there are too few children, but too many of the wrong type of children.  Does that surprise you?  In any event, the number of children in attendance certainly made America’s demographic oblivion seem perhaps a bit less imminent.  [Yes, I know.  Anecdotes are not statistics.  I also don’t care.]

Population fears aside, the family event worked out very well for me.  The store manager gave me a table to put in front of my display, as well as a box of inexpensive toys (finger puppets, gel bracelets, soap bubble kits, and so on) for children to take.  I also handed out more refrigerator magnets than I could count, and more to the point spoke to more potential customers than on any other day.  When the kids would be looking through the box of toys their parents often would look at my display, and that was the opening for me to start a conversation with them.

Sunday was yet another vendor event, this time at another nearby MHIC store.  There were no special activities like there had been the previous day, but I still ended up doing quite well.  Having completed reading the technical guide on the products and/or services I am offering, I’m getting better at answering questions and can give some very general prices.  Some people will approach my display and lead off with pricing questions, and if I cannot address these questions at least to some extent they won’t show any further interest.  As my pricing knowledge increases, so should be ability to get more interested customers.

Gym: I did more back work on Sunday, instead of more pull-ups I decided instead to try T-bar rows.  I haven’t done this sort of exercise in quite a while, but it went pretty well: 8 x 95, 8 x 115, 8 x 125, 8 x 135, 8 x 140, 8 x 145, 8 x 150.


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