Monday, March 19 – Tuesday, March 20

Some very welcome news

It looks like I’ll be able to work from a satellite office not far from me and maybe do some work from home too.  As my sales work in the commercial division is done by telephone and computer it isn’t necessary for me to schlep into the main office in Nassau County every day.  This is very, very fortunate because my trips into that office on these two days were excruciating.  On Monday morning the 45-mile trip took about 1:45.  While I never spent more than a couple minutes at a time at a dead stop on the Expressway, there were many, many stretches when I crawled along at no more than 20 mph.  Even worse, it took nearly a half hour to cover the three or four miles from the exit to my (new) workplace.  Why, you ask?  It’s a very simple story: too many cars and too few roads.  Also too many traffic lights, one of which was apocalyptically evil. Getting home was somewhat easier, about 90 minutes.  Though that’s still beyond absurd for a 45-mile trip that’s almost all on a limited access expressway.

Now, if you think Monday was bad, Tuesday was even worse.  The morning trip took over two hours!  Just the few miles between exits 62 and 56 took over 30 minutes, and like Monday it took an eternity to get to the workplace once I exited the Expressway.  Getting home was similar to Monday. Truly, having to deal with these morning drives every day would drive me nuts in short order, so it came as a massive relief to learn that I won’t have to do so on a regular basis.

Too worn out for the gym both nights.  What a surprise!

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