Monday, April 16 – Wednesday, April 18

Well that was certainly a surprise

Don’t ask me what was up with the Sunrise Highway on both Monday and Tuesday mornings.  In sharp contrast to my usual pattern of zooming right along, on both days I encountered Expressway-style delays, fortunately of shorter duration than what is characteristic of the latter thoroughfare.  In both cases the delays began near Exit 50, Lincoln Avenue, and cleared up near Exit 48, Locust Avenue.  The beginnings and endings were quite abrupt.  Now, what is strange is that neither of the aforementioned exits is a logical place for delays to begin or end.  In the mornings there is heavy entering volume at Exit 51, Nicholls Road, and heavy exiting volume at Exit 46 for the Southern State Parkway. Yet the delays began after Exit 51 and (substantially) before Exit 46. I cannot begin to explain why.  Nor can I explain why traffic zoomed right along on Wednesday morning.  Some things, I have come to believe, defy rational explanation, and traffic delays are among them.

Gym: I didn’t go as I’m trying to rest my troublesome left elbow.  While the soreness that had bothered me for weeks is gone, I now have some swelling right on the outside of the joint.  It’s a painless soft swelling that doesn’t bother me in any way, but I’m concerned that doing heavy exercise could make things worse.  So I’m going to wait a while, it won’t matter.

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