Thursday, April 19 – Friday, April 20

I know I’m not in the insurance business anymore

There’s no glossing over it, this week has been really bad in terms of sales.  Not just for me, but for the two other people who work the same types of accounts as I do.  It’s basically been a Murphy’s Law situation, anything that could possibly go bad, went bad.  Customer resistance in many cases grew to the point of being outright hostility.  About the only consolation was knowing that it wasn’t just me, with the other two people having it just as hard, even though both of them have more experience than I do.

My time in the insurance industry made me dread what the manager might say or do.  In that field, if you’re in a slump, you’ll be blamed for not having a sufficiently positive attitude or a strong enough work ethic, and management may drop hints about how easily you can be replaced by people who will have the right attitude.  You will get absolutely no help or encouragement.  The fact that insurance sales “jobs” are straight commission, and your slump doesn’t really cost the companies much, is totally beside the point. So I was prepared to face similar abuse, even though the other two salespeople assured me that it wouldn’t be that way.  I can hardly be blamed for being gun-shy.

My worries were unfounded.  The manager spoke to us three salespeople on Friday afternoon, and to my great (and pleasant) surprise had no criticism or threats at all.  He said that he was aware that we were all trying very hard, and said that the slump was not our fault in any respect.  One bit of good news is that we’ll be starting a new campaign in a couple of weeks that he hopes will be very promising.  And the piece de resistance is that he let us leave two hours early with no reduction in pay.  The last point brings up the fact that this being a salaried job, the bad week actually cost the company money, unlike the case with straight commission “jobs.” As I drove home, all I could think about is just how loathsome the insurance industry really is.

Speaking of driving, there was no significant traffic on Thursday, and just a couple of very short delays on Friday.  Go figure. I didn’t go to the gym either day as I’m still resting my swollen elbow, which is definitely on the mend.

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