Monday, May 7 – Tuesday, May 8

Kicking off the new campaign

Our new sales campaign got off to a generally smooth start on Monday morning.  There were a few delays, mainly related to software issues, but nothing too significant.  It will be at least a few weeks before any preliminary evaluation of its success can be made.  As it involves a major change in the product/service mix and in the primary target markets, past performance doesn’t offer much if any guidance.  Even so, I’m eager for the new challenges it will bring, and I don’t even mind the fact that I’ll probably be doing somewhat more work in the field than has been the case in recent weeks.

In the early afternoon, we had a 45-minute conference call with the sales manager from another company, who is acting as a more or less informal consultant on the new campaign.  He has decades of experience in all aspects of commercial sales.  While I generally dislike conference calls, this one was a notable exception thanks to the sales manager’s insights.

He laid out what some might consider a fatalistic if not outright cynical viewpoint.  In essence, he said that he’s learned over the decades that what a salesperson says or does has relatively little effect on whether a particular sale goes through or not.  It’s the extent of the customer’s interest that really matters.  What salespeople must concentrate on is being able to explain the products and/or services in detail, including answering all but the most technical questions and being able to make comparisons to the main competitors’ offerings.  The sort of “salesmanship” that many sales managers constantly harp about – firm handshakes, nodding in agreement, avoiding pauses during the pitch, always returning to the close – count for just about nothing.  In a way, I found this candor very refreshing.

As for traffic conditions, Monday was pretty good, but Tuesday most definitely was not.  There was a long slowdown on the Sunrise Highway in the morning, leading up to the Southern State Parkway exit – but strangely, as I’ve noted before, clearing up about a half-mile before the exit.  I just can’t explain it.

Gym: a half-hour of ellipting on Monday.  I’m still procrastinating about running on the treadmill.

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