Wednesday, May 9 – Friday, May 11

What’s up with the traffic?

I sure wish I knew.  All that I do know is that traffic on the Sunrise Highway was horrible on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  Friday morning was a little better, but still bad.  Wednesday was the worst of the days, with at least a 20-minute delay approaching the Southern State Parkway exit, though inexplicably clearing up about a half-mile before the exit itself, followed by another significant delay farther west near the Robert Moses Causeway exit.  There were no crashes or other obvious explanations for these delays.  Moreover, the slowdown near the Causeway exit was the very first one I’ve encountered in that location.  I actually was about ten minutes late getting into work on Wednesday, which is something I absolutely hate.  About the only saving grace is that my return trips were perfectly fine each day.

The new sales campaign that began on Monday seems to be going as well as can be expected, though it’s way too early to reach any conclusions.  My discussions with potential customers take longer than had been the case with the earlier campaigns, due to the greater complexity of the products and/or services involved and also due to some extent to the types of businesses with which I’m now dealing.  While I won’t know for sure until Monday, it looks as if on Tuesday I’ll be going to Connecticut for a sales call on a major customer.  An interesting fact is that even though I’m a Connecticut native, having lived there all my life until 1997, I haven’t been to the Nutmeg State in over two and a half years.  Of course I’ve seen it many many times across Long Island Sound, but that doesn’t really count.

Gym: a solid 30 minutes of fast-paced ellipting on Thursday.

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