Wednesday, March 2 – Friday, March 4

The new sales campaign

Three relatively quiet days at work as I wound down the existing sales campaign in preparation for Monday’s rollout of the new one.  It’s going to be quite an adjustment.  I’ll be focusing on different commercial customers, and with some different products and/or services, but those aren’t the big changes.  What’s going to take some getting-used-to is that for the first time I will have considerable authority to negotiate prices with prospective customers.  Not unlimited authority, of course; for each product and/or service I’ll have a floor price and for some of them there will be a “suggested minimum,”  namely a price which I can drop below only when there’s absolutely no other way to save the deal.   Still, even with the limitations I’m glad that I won’t have to deal with fixed prices.  There have been more than a few potential sales that fell through because I couldn’t beat a competitor’s very slightly lower price.  I also like the greater degree of responsibility that I’ll have.

As for the car situation, I’m still trying to see if I can get a better deal on a junkyard motor.  There’s one in Staten Island that slightly less than the one I located online and has somewhat less mileage, moreover it’s still in the car so I can verify its mileage.  The downside is that the seller wants $100 for delivery, while the online one (which is in Akron, Ohio, of all places) comes with free shipping. Meanwhile, I’m getting more used to driving the rental Silverado, it’s actually fun to drive although the fuel economy is dreadful.  No traffic problems at all any of these days.

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Monday, April 30 – Tuesday, May 1

Just ducky.

A carless start to a new week.  I got up at a very early hour, as in roosters-crowing hour (if there were, you know, any roosters in the area) to drive my wife to work.  After stopping back at home for a while, I headed off to my job in her car.  While I was driving there I got a call from the repair shop about my car.  It was most assuredly not good news.    The motor damage is so severe that it will have to be either replaced or rebuilt.  Replacement will cost $5,000, with the new motor from Subaru being $4,000 and another $1,000 for the labor, while a rebuild will cost $4,000.  I asked about getting a motor from a junkyard but the mechanic seemed rather negative about the idea.  Why, I don’t understand.  My car has over 100,000 miles on it, so getting a brand-new motor seems like a waste.

When I got home from work – not surprisingly, it wasn’t a very productive day – I did some research into prices for junkyard motors.  What I found out considerably brightened my dour mood.  A motor with 103,000 miles on it, less mileage than my car, can be had for just over $1,500 with free shipping.  Combined with the installation labor that would run about $2,500, still a ghastly amount but a lot better than the $5,000 I’d be spending for a new motor. I’m still looking into more options, including a couple of backyard-mechanic types who can rebuild motors.

My wife had Tuesday off and was going to drive me to the Patchogue train station so I could get the LIRR to work, but it was raining heavily and the 1.5-mile walk from the destination station to my workplace looked like a really bad idea.    Fortunately, she said I could borrow her car.  Traffic on the Sunrise Highway was an absolute stop-and-go nightmare, most likely because of the rain, and the trip into work took almost twice as long as usual.  The trip home was easy, however.

As it looks as if my car will be out of service for a while, it may take time to locate an engine rebuilder and then they may work slowly, I decided to check with the local Enterprise car rental office to see if they had any deals.  To my pleasant surprise I was able to find a very attractive rate.  It was for a Corolla, Sentra, or similar model.  When I got to the local office, just before closing, the very friendly young woman agent told me that they didn’t have any cars in that size, but they would be happy to upgrade me at no additional cost.  Great, I said, figuring that it would be something like a Camry or an Accord.  You can imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a Chevy Silverado.

I wasn’t able to make it to the gym on Monday, due to the car situation, but on Tuesday evening I cruised there in my bright silver pickup and ellipted for 25 minutes.

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Saturday, April 28 – Sunday, April 29

Ugh.  Car troubles.  Big-time car troubles, as in a broken rod.  It all happened on Saturday afternoon, thereby kiboshing my gym plans.  And to add insult to injury, as I stood outside by disabled car in the breakdown lane of the Expressway, a Google Street View camera car drove past.  My distress is now going to be immortalized for the world to see.

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