Thursday, May 31 – Friday, June 1

May went out like a lion

Another quick and easy trip to Stamford on Thursday morning.  I encountered no delays on the Expressway and only a very short one on the exit to the Cross-Island Parkway.  It took about 85 minutes for me to cover the door-to-door journey of about 75 miles.  And keep in mind that includes time wasted at the vast array of traffic lights in Stamford.  Really, I cannot recall another city with so many lights, it’s as if they have multiplied or something.

Getting home on Thursday wasn’t as pleasant, in fact it took me close to two and a half hours.  I-95 was fine, the same for I-287 and the Hutchinson River Parkway, and the Whitestone Bridge was crowded but moved okay.  The Cross-Island, unfortunately, was as slow as molasses.  It took me about 20 minutes to cover the five or so miles to the Expressway exit.  In an illustration of just how fragile the roadways can be, most of this delay seemed attributable to a very minor crash on the exit ramp that did not block any lanes.  But of course everyone had to get a nice long look, like it’s something they’ve never seen before.  It was close to 4:30 before I got on the Expressway, which meant that traffic was heavier than it would have been just minutes earlier.  The slowdown that usually starts around Exit 56 began a couple miles earlier at Exit 53, and didn’t ease up until Exit 61, a couple of exits later than usual.

Friday was a much better day.  The same 90~ minute trip in the morning, and even though it was a Friday afternoon it took me just over two hours to get home.  I had been really concerned about running into heavy traffic on the Expressway.  What helped is that I was able to leave the customer’s business earlier than usual and beat rush hour traffic.

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