Monday, June 4 – Tuesday, June 5

Tiptoeing back onto I-95

After last Tuesday’s horror show I’m hesitant in the extreme about driving on I-95 in the Bronx when returning from Stamford.  Spending over an hour covering a distance of five miles is so totally not my cup of tea that no other analogies really work.  Yet the I-287/Hutchinson River Parkway/Whitestone Bridge alternative has its drawbacks too.  It’s somewhat longer, and as noted it leaves me with no alternative to the dreaded Cross Island Parkway.

Monday was another easy drive to Stamford in the morning, barring anything unusual it’s to the point where I can leave 90 minutes in advance and be reasonably confident about arriving on time.  After work, I took I-287 to the Hutch, encountering a brief but annoying slowdown in the latter due to drivers rubbernecking a very minor crash on the opposite side.  There must be something in human nature that makes the sight of a car with trivial damage an absolute irresistible sight.  As I headed into the Bronx, I was listening to a radio traffic report, and it said that I-95 was backed up with George Washington Bridge traffic as far as the Bruckner Interchange.  That’s a couple of miles past the Throgs Neck Bridge turnoff and should not delay me in any way.  I decided to throw caution to the winds and actually got off the Hutch and entered I-95 at Exit 3, which is a mile or so before the Throgs Neck exit.  Everything was fine.  I was across the bridge onto the Clearview Expressway in just a few minutes.  Interestingly, while approaching the Queens side of the bridge there is a very short period of time, no more than ten seconds or so, during which I can see traffic on the Cross Island while still being able to make the Cross Island/Clearview decision.  It was moving slowly, so I stayed on the Clearview.  Traffic on the Long Island Expressway was slow in the usual spots, but except very briefly near Exit 49 I was never at an actual dead stop.  My door-to-door return journey was just a shade over two hours.

Tuesday was pretty much a repeat of Monday, except this time I stayed on I-95 all the way to the Throgs Neck exit.  I almost had to take the I-287/Hutch alternative because I hadn’t heard any reports on I-95 in the Bronx as I was approaching the exit for I-287.  With just a minute or so to spare I finally heard that the George Washington Bridge backups began near the Bruckner Interchange, just like they had the previous day.  The one change from Monday is that I took the Cross Island rather than the Clearview, because traffic on the former looked fairly light as I was crossing the Throgs Neck.  Expressway traffic was somewhat worse than on Monday, most likely because I had gotten a slightly later start, but even so my trip only was about 2:05.

One other thing, I found out that my assignment to the Stamford customer is likely to last two more weeks, rather than one more as I had anticipated.  After that I’ll still be going to Connecticut at least 2X per week for another month or so, most likely to Norwalk or Darien.


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  1. Is the Port Jefferson ferry out of the question?

  2. It would be nice to take the ferry, but my employer wouldn’t reimburse me for it.

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