Wednesday, June 6 – Thursday, June 7

Routine is good.

After more than a week of my daily trips to Stamford I can now say with some degree of confidence that the morning trip takes me around 85 minutes.   It’s no longer a case of “well, it should be around 85 minutes, but who knows what each day will bring” or something similarly imprecise.  I can now count on 80 to 90 minutes each morning barring some unusual situation.  That of course helps in planning, and means that I don’t have to leave the house quite as early each morning as would otherwise be the case.  It helps that I’m one of those people who can be up and out of the house in literally less than ten minutes.

Afternoons aren’t quite as predictable.  Even if driving weren’t an issue, there’s the fact that I never know exactly when I’ll be leaving the customer’s place of business.  I have it narrowed down to a fairly tight range but there’s still some uncertainty.  One thing I have noticed is that the time at which I get on the Long Island Expressway is very important.  While “rush hour” technically starts at 3pm, at least that’s when the HOV lane restrictions begin, it seems to me that 4pm is the start of the really heavy traffic.

On Wednesday, I didn’t get onto the Expressway (via the Clearview) until about 4:05, having been a bit later than usual in leaving the customer and then running into some inexplicably heavy traffic on the Connecticut Turnpike through Greenwich.  From that point it took me about 1:15 to get to Exit 64.  There was a heavy delay approaching Exit 39, an area where traffic generally flows smoothly, and then there was several miles of stop-and-go traffic from exits 53 to 58.  On Thursday I left work about 15 minutes earlier, encountered no delays in Connecticut, and entered the Expressway (via the Cross Island) at 3:40.  I was able to shave almost 20 minutes off the prior day’s 1:15 mark.


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