Monday, June 18 – Tuesday, June 19

So what am I supposed to complain about?

Here’s a big secret: as much as I hate bad traffic, just like the way I hated train delays when I rode the LIRR, complaining about it/them is actually sort of fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer being able to zoom right along with no stop-and-go nonsense, but it would be wrong for me to deny that complaining can be fun.  Must be something inherent in human nature.

Well here’s the thing: with my work at the customer’s place of business in Stamford being in the process of winding down, I was able to leave work by 1:30 or so on both Monday and Tuesday.  I still get paid as if I worked until 3, that’s the deal.  Combined with a lack of any delays on I-95, what this early departure meant is that I was able to get across the Throgs Neck Bridge and onto the Long Island Expressway by about 2:15.  Even with the Expressway’s absurdly elongated concept of “rush hour” I was able to beat the traffic and make it home in under two hours each day.  My pleasure was coupled with a note of caution, however, as when I start working in West Haven (probably after the 4th of July) the extra driving time means that I’ll be more vulnerable to Expressway traffic.  But hey, I’ll deal with that when it happens.  Both morning trips were easy, under the 90-minute mark.

Gym: did some back work on Monday.  Hammer Strength MTS front pulldown: 8 x 100/100, 8 x 110/110, 8 x 110/110.  Hammer Strength MTS high row: 3 x 8 x 90/90.  Bench press: 6 x 135, 4 x 185, 6 x 225, 4 x 225.



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