Monday, June 25

West Haven wasn’t so bad

Today marked the start of my assignment further into the hinterlands of Connecticut, West Haven to be precise.  Driving to Stamford has been no picnic and I was worried that West Haven would be a disaster.  Well, if today is any guide – and I’m certainly not so naive to think every day will be so easy – my worries may be unfounded.  It took me under two hours to get there in the morning.  That’s about a half-hour longer than the usual trip to Stamford.  One thing that helped is that the customer’s location in West Haven is right off I-95, as compared to the one in Stamford that requires a drive of about ten minutes on (traffic-light-filled) city streets. It also helped that I was traveling at an absurdly early hour, having left home before 5 am in order to get to West Haven by 7.

I left the work location about 3pm and was expecting a very tough trip home.  It would be close to 4:30 before I got to the Long Island Expressway, assuming nothing went wrong, which meant that I’d be right in the midst of rush hour traffic.  Amazingly, everything went well.  I ran into no significant traffic in Connecticut, Westchester or the Bronx, and made it to the Queens side of the Throgs Neck Bridge just after 4.  The Cross Island Parkway actually was moving at a decent clip, and to my real amazement the Expressway was moving well with just the usual delays in the usual spots (to recap: about a mile or so approaching Exit 38, between exits 49 and 50, and between exits 55 and 57).  I was home by 5:30, and that is with a 15-minute Diet Pepsi stop in eastern Nassau.  Two hours and 15 minutes was a whole lot better than I had expected.  Of course, like the stockbroker ads say, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Addendum: some might wonder why I don’t take the Port Jefferson-Bridgeport ferry.  It would cut out a whole lot of driving time.  Well, the reason is that the fare for a car and driver is an obscene $54 each way, and unlike driving mileage my company doesn’t reimburse for the fare.  Even traveling as a walk-on passenger without a vehicle is $18 each way.  The nerve of them.

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