Monday, July 23 – Tuesday, July 24

To start the final week, two easy days

Monday started my fourth and final week of working at a customer’s location in West Haven.  Perhaps it’s partly because the four week stint was interrupted by my week in Philadelphia, but it feels like I’ve been going there for an eternity.  Certainly for much longer than my previous four weeks in Stamford.  While in part this is because my work in West Haven has been more intense than what I was doing in Stamford, mostly it’s because the drive is just so long.  112 miles each way is definitely no picnic.

Fortunately, both of these days went very well.  On Monday morning I did something unusual and took the Clearview Expressway to the Throgs Neck Bridge, the ramp from the Cross Island being closed for construction, but this didn’t change my overall time.  As usual, I made it door-to-door in under two hours.  Although I wasn’t able to get out early, staying until the normal 3pm stopping time, the drive home was blessedly delay-free and I made it home in under two and a half hours.  Traffic flowed just fine on I-95 and across the Throgs Neck, the Cross Island was sluggish but moving, and the only slowdowns of concern on the Long Island Expressway were for about a mile approaching Exit 38 and then from exits 55 to 57.

Tuesday was even easier.  The morning’s drive time was about the same, no need to use the Clearview this time, and because I got off work at 2pm I had a return trip of about 2 hours 15 minutes.  Oddly enough there was some slow traffic in the Stamford-Greenwich area, for no reason that I could discern,  but other than that I rarely had to be concerned with traffic at all.

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