Wednesday, July 25 – Thursday, July 26

Still waiting for an explanation

In some days Wednesday was looking like a clone of Tuesday.  On both days I finished up my work in West Haven right around 2pm and therefore was on the roads well before the start of rush hour.  The clone analogy only got me so far, unfortunately, as while the return trip on Wednesday took 2 hours 15 minutes, it was just shy of three hours on Thursday.  There was slow traffic on several stretches of I-95 in Connecticut, once again in the Bronx near the Pelham Parkway area, and worst of all a nearly 20-minute wait at the toll booths on the Throgs Neck Bridge.  It was almost 3:45 by the time I got across the bridge and I knew that the Long Island Expressway would be a disaster area by that point.  So I stayed on the (crawling) Cross Island Parkway a bit further and took the Northern State Parkway.  It had its sluggish parts, especially right after the junction with the Meadowbrook, though to my surprise getting onto the Expressway via the Sunken Meadow/Sagtikos wasn’t too bad.   I ended up getting home just before five, way too late given my early departure.

Thursday wasn’t too bad, mainly because I was done for the day around 1 pm.  The trip home was much better than it had been on Wednesday but not as good as Tuesday’s.  Something around 2:25, which I suppose isn’t bad for a trip of 112 miles.  Another decent thing is that both mornings were just fine, under two hours each day.

I also found out my schedule for the next few months.  Next week I’ll be going to Port Chester, the last town in New York along I-95 before you get to Connecticut.  It’ll be about ten miles shorter than when I was going to Stamford and close to 50 miles less than this horrendous trip to West Haven.  After one week I’ll be going to Danbury for four weeks.  It’s 100 miles each way, slightly less than West Haven, but the main route there (I-684) is significantly less trafficked than I-95 and therefore the ride should be better.  After the four weeks in Danbury it’ll be back to Port Chester for another three weeks.  And then – tah dah! – I’ll be spending at least two months right on Long Island, much closer to home.

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