Monday, August 6 – Tuesday, August 7

Out into the wilds

My first two days of the four-week stint in Danbury have gone easily enough.  Next week will be busier, but so far I’ve been able to finish my work after just a few hours (of course I still get paid for eight hours).  In terms of driving, it hasn’t been too bad.  On both mornings it took me about 1:45 to cover the 100-mile distance, despite some surprisingly heavy traffic on the Long Island Expressway.  Really, why are there so many people on the road at 5 am? Both of my return trips took about two hours, granted I’ve gone early enough to miss rush hour.

My routing is L.I. Expressway –> Cross Island Parkway –> Throgs Neck Bridge –> Hutchinson River Parkway (after a very short interlude on I-695 and I-95) –> I-684 –>I-84.  It’s the 30 or so mile stretch on I-684 that sticks out the most.  It goes through a low-density part of Westchester County, and seems quite rural.  In that context it’s very different from I-95, which is basically urban and suburban the entire way.  Not on I-684, driving on that I actually get to see trees.  Another interesting thing is the way the highway clips a corner of Connecticut, near Westchester County Airport, even though there are no exits on the mile-long stretch through the Nutmeg State.  Finally, Danbury itself is in the foothills of the Berkshires, meaning that the terrain is much more hilly that what I see on Long Island and in southern Connecticut.

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