Wednesday, August 8 – Friday, August 10

A Hudson River interlude

As I write this, a few days after the fact, I can remember almost nothing about my travels on Wednesday.  Which of course means that there was nothing out of the ordinary.  Oh wait, one thing I do remember is that there was a delay of a couple minutes getting through Exit 38 on the Expressway in the morning due to a truck crash on the side of the road.  Otherwise, that’s it.  My travel times were 1:45 in the morning and just over two hours in the afternoon.

Thursday, on the other hand, was a change from the ordinary.  Instead of working in Danbury, I spent the day with a different customer in Dobbs Ferry, a town in Westchester that’s on the Hudson River a bit north of Yonkers.  Not that I was able to see the river from the customer’s place of business.  To get to Dobbs Ferry, I took the Throgs Neck Bridge to the Hutchinson River Parkway, like I was going to Danbury, but shortly after crossing the Westchester line I took the Cross County Parkway westbound to the Saw Mill Parkway.  The Cross County’s only a few miles long but is an important roadway, as it connects the Hutchinson River Parkway, the NYS Thruway, and the Saw Mill.  It goes through densely populated parts of Mount Vernon and Yonkers that look quite different from the woodsy terrain just a few miles away on the Hutch.

For its part, the Saw Mill is a weird hybrid of a limited access highway and a surface street.  It has four lanes with a center divider, and for the most part looks like a highway, but it also has some grade level intersections with traffic lights.  Fortunately, the lights are timed so that traffic on the Saw Mill doesn’t have to stop at most of them.  I believe that there were five lights on the several miles between the Cross County and my exit in Dobbs Ferry, and I had to stop at one on the way up and two on the way back.  Guess that’s not too bad.  The lights on the surface streets in Dobbs Ferry, well they were pretty bad, I seemed to get all of them red.  Still, I made the 65 or so miles to Dobbs Ferry in about 1:30, my return trip was close to 2:15 because I left later than I usually do and got a lot of Expressway traffic.

It was back to Danbury on Friday, though I was at the customer’s for only about three hours (still got paid for eight, so I’m not complaining).  Getting there took the usual 1:45 or so, though a late start leaving home meant that I was almost a bit late arriving.  While there would have been no adverse consequences if I had been late, I just don’t like being late for things, period.  Because of my early departure I thought the trip home would be a breeze, unfortunately it took me almost 30 minutes to get through the tolls at the Throgs Neck Bridge and across the span.  From what I gathered from radio traffic reports there had been a crash on the span, and even though it had been cleared prior to my arrival the delays lingered.  Which goes to my point about the fragility of our roadways.  One thing goes wrong and the consequences can be severe.

Gym: I did some benching on Thursday, not too bad if I may say so.  6 x 135, 6 x 165, 4 x 185, 2 x 205, 8 x 225, 2 x 6 x 225.

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