Monday, August 13 – Tuesday, August 14

Bouncing around

I was supposed to be spending this week at Danbury customer’s location, but due to circumstances beyond pretty much everyone’s control that won’t be possible.  Instead, I’ll be spending this week alternating between two Connecticut locations, Ridgefield and Bridgeport.  Ridgefield will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Bridgeport Tuesday and Thursday.

While Ridgefield is not far from Danbury, I took a somewhat different route getting there.  I took I-684 north as if I were going to Danbury, but instead of taking I-84 eastbound I exited about ten miles earlier in Katonah, taking NY 35 east about ten miles across the state line and into Ridgefield.  It’s not a highway, but traffic wasn’t bad and I moved along pretty well.  The route passes a reservoir and then goes through some low-density but (very) high-income parts of Westchester County.  Just the place to lead that Country Squire lifestyle.  Once I crossed into Connecticut I was in the residential parts of Ridgefield, which also is very much a high-rent district.  On my way home I took Route 7 south to the Merritt/Hutchinson River Parkway. Route 7 is a very busy commercial thoroughfare, and while it’s not a divided highway the lights are times so that you can move pretty well.  My return trip took about 2:10, about 20 minutes longer than the morning trip.

The Bridgeport location was easy enough to get to, as it was not far off the Merritt Parkway, just over the line from Trumbull.  While Bridgeport is far more downscale than Ridgefield, my work location was in one of the better parts of the city.  I had a very busy day, not even getting a full lunch break, and because it was after 3:30 when I got out I knew that traffic getting home would be tough.  Chances were good that the morning’s two-hour trip would be more than an hour shorter than what I’d have to deal with after work.  As a result, I decided to take the ferry back.  Following a drive through some distinctly non-upscale areas I got to the ferry dock around 4, plenty of time to catch the 4:30 sailing.  As usual, the ferry ride was pleasant, some earlier rain having stopped, and I spent most of it on the open top deck.  I got home about six, in a far better mood than I would’ve been in had I fought traffic for three hours.

A couple of notes: on Monday evening I had planned to go to the gym, but an utterly blinding, Advil-resistant headache put the kibosh on those plans and pretty much made for a miserable evening.  On a much better note, I found out on Tuesday afternoon that for the rest of the week, and at least part of the following week, I’ll be working at a location in Nassau County.  The location isn’t far from Roosevelt Field Mall, and I should be able to get there in less than an hour.  What that means is that I won’t have to get up at a completely uncivilized hour like I’ve been doing.  Nor will I have to deal with the Throgs Neck Bridge or pay its (obscene) tolls.  I’m really excited!

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