Monday, August 20 – Wednesday, August 22

Working (relatively) close by does have its perks

Three days spent working in Nassau, three days of easy driving.  I really had no traffic issues worth noting on the Expressway or the Northern State Parkway.  Monday afternoon I encountered a minor slowdown near Exit 57, and on Tuesday morning there was a general sluggishness near Exit 49, but compared to what I’ve dealt with many times I have no reason whatsoever to complain.

It was good that I didn’t have to go far, because Monday was one of the most exhausting workdays I’ve had, well, since I can ever remember.  It’s not that it was an excessively long day, I worked around eight and a half hours as compared to the usual eight, it’s just that I barely stopped at all during the day except for a 10-minute break.  It’s amazing how much I got done. Tuesday and Wednesday were busy days by any objective standard, but in comparison they were like eight hours of idleness.

Wednesday will be my last day at this location in Nassau.  On Thursday and Friday I’ll be working in Queens, normally I’d consider taking the train but that isn’t too practical for the location I’ll be at.  Next week is still up in the air, so to speak.  I may be staying in Queens a bit longer, or I might be going back to Ridgefield and/or Bridgeport in Connecticut.  Most likely I won’t know for sure until Friday.  One thing I do know, however, is that on the day after Labor Day I’ll be starting a four-week assignment in White Plains.  That’s not too bad a drive, though I’ll have to pay (obscene) bridge tolls.

Gym: I was way too exhausted to even think of going on Monday, and Tuesday we went out for sushi for the first time in months.  The tapeworms sushi tasted just as good as always, I’m pleased to report.  Wednesday I had another pull-up fest, doing a total of 40 reps of neutral grip pull-ups: 2 x 6, 2 x 5, 2 x 4, 2 x 3, 2 x 2.

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