Wednesday, August 29 – Friday, August 31

Done with the Nutmeg State for a while

I finished up my assignments in Connecticut, Ridgefield on Wednesday and Thursday, nearby Wilton on Friday.  Starting Tuesday I’ll be in White Plains for at least a month.  Wilton was close enough that I considered following the same route as I took to Ridgefield, but I decided it would be quicker to take the Merritt Parkway to Route 7 in Norwalk.  Route 7 was supposed to be a limited-access highway about 25 miles long connecting I-95 in Norwalk with I-84 in Danbury.  That never happened, in large part because it would have run through some very expensive areas, full of politically influential people who wouldn’t take to such a thing.  All that exists of the highway portion of Route 7 is a segment of just a few miles on the southern end, running from I-95 to just past the Merritt, and a shorter segment in Danbury that’s mainly useful as access to a huge shopping mall.   It’s not a complete tragedy, however, as lights on the non-highway portion are timed reasonably well so that it’s usually possible to maintain a decent speed.  Much of the way is lined with office buildings and upscale retail developments.  I supposed that the retailers in particular would fight to the death any attempt to revive the all-highway proposal, as they would fear lost business if they were bypassed.

None of these days was much out of the ordinary in either work or driving terms.  Wednesday was very busy and I thought for a while that I’d be working past my usual stopping time, but that didn’t happen and I was able to get out in time to beat the worst of the traffic on the Long Island Expressway.  Thursday and Friday were shorter workdays.  On Friday, I had hoped to stop at the EZ-Pass office in Queens to take care of an annoying matter involving their automatic billing, their telephone assistance being worse than useless, unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so.  Getting to the office would have required my using the Whitestone Bridge, but as I headed south on I-95 through Westchester the radio traffic reports warned of substantial Queens-bound delays on the Whitestone.  Surprisingly enough there were no delays on the Throgs Neck Bridge, however using that bridge meant that I had no easy way of getting to the EZ-Pass office.  It’s not urgent, so I’ll try again another time.

Gym: on Thursday I did the second installment of my new multiple-exercise routine.  Barbell curls (EZ bar): 4 x 8 x 80.  Trap bar deadlifts: 4 x 6 x 225.  It was good to get back to deadlifting, even though I started out with a light weight.  Hammer Strength shrugs: 3 x 8 x 270.  Pec deck rear deltoid flies: 4 x 8 x 120.

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