Tuesday, September 4

Entrance confusion

Tuesday marked both the first workday after the long holiday weekend and the start of my month-long (at least) assignment in White Plains.  While I don’t know whether it was that it was the first post-holiday workday, or because I got a later start than usual, the fact remains that traffic on the Long Island Expressway was much heavier in the morning than I had been accustomed to seeing.  More likely the former, as my departure was no later then when I had worked in Nassau or Queens a couple of weeks ago.  Whatever the cause, I encountered some very slow traffic around the Glen Cove Road exit, and then on the ramp from the Expressway to the Cross-Island Parkway.  I was starting to worry that getting to White Plains was going to take more than the 90 minutes I’d allotted.

Once I got onto the Throgs Neck Bridge, and then onto the Hutchinson River Parkway, traffic was moving fine and my concerns about being late to the work assignment looked to be unfounded.  I got onto I-287 westbound with ample time to spare.  As it happened, my plans for a timely arrival took a (literally) unexpected turn.  I got off Exit 8 toward downtown White Plains, the city’s skyline serving as an obvious marker.  What I wasn’t counting on is that the signage accompanying the massive construction project in the area of the exit was very poor.  Basically, I zigged instead of zagged, and found myself on the Central Westchester Parkway -a road I never knew existed – passing a cornfield.  Nope, that did not look anything like the bustling “edge city” of downtown White Plains.  By the time I got things straightened out, and made it to my destination, I was about 15 minutes late.  Fortunately my employer is understanding about such things.

When I left work, after a very busy day, I found out the reason for all the construction.  It turns out that there is no easy way to get from downtown White Plains to eastbound I-287.  It is a long, meandering route that involves two brutal traffic lights.  It took at least 15 minutes to cover a route that would have taken less than a third of that time had there been an actual entrance ramp.  The rest of my trip home was fairly uneventful, with slowdowns in the usual spots on the Long Island Expressway.  The return journey took about 1:45, as compared to the 1:30 that the morning trip would have taken had it not been for my wrong turn.

After having missed two days I really wanted to go to the gym, but after my tough workday I was way too exhausted.

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