Wednesday, September 5 – Friday, September 7

My guess was wrong

When I found about my work assignment in White Plains I figured it would be a welcome relief compared to some of the other ones I’ve done.  After all, it’s only 65 miles each way, quite a difference from Danbury (100 miles) and especially West Haven (115 excruciating miles).  A 65-mile drive to work is pretty much in the realm of normal commuting, albeit at the far margin.

I was right when it came to driving.  Each day’s drive was pretty uneventful, all around 1:20 in the morning and 1:40 in the afternoon.  Friday’s trip home had the potential for trouble when I ran into sluggish-to-the-point-of-stopped traffic on the Long Island Expressway, fortunately I was right near Exit 37 when I encountered the trouble and was able to get onto the Northern State Parkway pretty quickly.  And there were no delays at all in any of my six crossings of the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Just the (obscene) tolls, but that’s another story for another time.

What has made this week not easy, however, has been my actual work in White Plains.  To say that it’s been “hectic” would be an enormous understatement.  While Tuesday was normal enough, the rest of the week featured about ten days’ workload packed into three days.   By the time I get home I’m mentally and even physically drained to an extent I haven’t experienced in many years.  Next week should be a little less wild.  I sure hope so.

Gym: As you might imagine, I’ve barely had the energy to drag myself to the gym.  Which is a pity, as what with the shorter drives I’m getting home at reasonable times that leave ample opportunity for gym-going.  I only made it once, on Wednesday, and even then I didn’t do all I had wanted.  I got in some trap bar deadlifts, 6 x 4 x 245, and some Hammer Strength shrugs, 3 x 8 x 320.  My energy ran out before I could do any biceps work or rear deltoid flies.  What I’m hoping is that next week work will be easy enough that I’ll have energy for the gym.

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