Wednesday, September 12 – Friday, September 14

0-3 for the gym

Three more days, three more no-shows at the gym.  Work has been so intense and exhausting that by the time I get home I’m just too worn out for the gym to be anything but a very dismal proposition.  If there’s any hope on the horizon, it’s that next week should be much less hectic.  I certainly hope so.  Plan B is that even if work continues at its tough pace, I’ll just have to force myself to make at least some brief visits.  Stay tuned.

Not only has work been hectic, but driving has been no walk in the park, if I may be excused a mixed transportation metaphor.  Mornings have been no particular trouble.  Each day’s trip to the worksite has been around the 1:30 mark, though I’m somewhat surprised that eastbound Expressway traffic always seems to slow down approaching Exit 39.  It is not due to vehicles entering from the Northern State and Meadowbrook parkways, as the slowdown is always about a mile before the entrance ramp and clears up before I get to the ramp itself.

Afternoons have been worse.  Much, much worse.  Wednesday was the only relatively decent trip, a shade under two hours, with the worst spot being the Throgs Neck Bridge toll plaza.  I believe there was a disabled truck blocking at least one lane.  Thursday was much worse, the trip taking almost 2:30.  This time there were three, count them, three crashes that slowed traffic considerably.  The first of them, involving three vehicles, was on the ramp from the Throgs Neck Bridge to the Cross Island Parkway, with the second on the Parkway itself about a mile later.  The one that wrought the most havoc was on the Long Island Expressway, quite far east for that matter, between exits 59 and 60.  Unlike the first two it blocked no lanes, both vehicles being off to the side, but of course everyone had to slow way down to get a good long look.  Schmucks.

There also had been a rubbernecking delay on the Hutchinson River Parkway just south of the Bronx-Westchester line.  Both of the northbound lanes had been shut down, with cars diverted off at an earlier exit, and this of course slowed things up considerably in my southbound direction.  There were at least ten police cars in the closed northbound lanes, including what were obviously a few detective units.  I don’t know for sure what happened, but I suspect that someone (either in a vehicle or on the side of the road) had found himself on the business end of a gun.  Speaking of police cars, later on I saw a number of them, including several motorcycle units, leading a westbound motorcade on the Expressway in eastern Nassau.  It turned out to be Romney’s motorcade, he had flown into Islip Airport and was on his way to a fundraising dinner in Nassau.  No idea what was on the menu, but at $45K per person it had better have been spectacular.

Friday … well, all I can say it took me almost three hours to get home, which is beyond ridiculous for a 65-mile trip that’s almost entirely on limited access highways.  Unlike the previous day there were no obvious reasons for the glacial traffic, apparently it was all just volume.  Needless to say I was not in a bright cheerful mood when I finally made it home!

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