Monday, September 17 – Tuesday, September 18

It couldn’t just be the Jewish holiday, could it?

Monday was what I’ve come to consider a typical Monday on the roads.  Traffic on the Long Island Expressway got a bit sluggish in western Nassau County, in fact I was (very briefly) at a dead stop near Exit 39, and then the Cross Island Parkway was on the slow side as I headed toward the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Fortunately the bridge itself was okay, as was the Hutchinson River Parkway, and I made it to my White Plains work location in about 1:20.

When you’re headed Queens-bound on the Throgs Neck Bridge, a message sign just after the toll booths (with their obscene tolls) shows the driving time to Kennedy Airport using the Cross Island Parkway (“JFK via CIP”).  One thing I’ve noticed is that if the time is more than a few minutes in excess of the 17-minute minimum it means that traffic on the parkway is going to be very slow indeed.  Today, for example, the time was 24 minutes.  Considering that the airport is well after where I exit for the Long Island Expressway, the extra seven minutes shouldn’t make much difference for me, right?  Wrong.  I crawled all the way to my exit, it was at least 15 minutes longer than usual.  Some sign.  Fortunately the Expressway traffic wasn’t too bad, and my return trip was just under two hours.

Tuesday morning was a fairly normal trip, nothing in particular that I can remember, but the afternoon – well, that was something else again.  I left work later than usual, late enough that I wouldn’t make it onto the Expressway until well after four and would hit rush hour.  Indeed, a very long line exiting from the Throgs Neck Bridge made it look as if the trip home would be excruciating and led me to take the Clearview Expressway rather than the Cross Island. To my extreme surprise, traffic on the Long Island Expressway was way lighter than usual.  It moved just fine in all the usual trouble spots – approaching Exit 38, between exits 49 and 50, and around Exit 56.  Normally, I come to a dead stop at several times in those areas, today I never went slower than about 40 mph.  What in the world caused this freakish lack of traffic.  It’s the Jewish holiday, and I believe some schools are closed, but that alone wouldn’t account for it all.  Whatever the case, I’m happy.

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