Friday, September 28

Is there a stronger word than “disaster?”

If there is a day I could somehow erase from my memory, today is it.  Everything began smoothly enough, with a trouble-free drive to North Haven.  It took me just a shade over two hours.  In a stunning display of complete naivety, I actually thought this would be a good omen for the afternoon’s trip home.  Har-dee-har-har.

I finished up work around 2:30, figuring that would be early enough for me to beat the worst of the traffic.  Was I ever wrong!    Traffic was miserably heavy at the I-91/I-95 merge in downtown New Haven, for no discernible reason.  The rest of 95 through Connecticut was sluggish in spots but basically okay, certainly nothing like the 30-mile parking lot in the opposite direction.  Trouble began at the Throgs Neck Bridge, with a nearly quarter-mile backup at the (obscene) tolls.  I had a brief glimmer of hope when the electronic sign just after the (obscene) tolls said that “JFK via CIP” was only 17 minutes.  That’s just about the minimum time it ever says, and I actually thought that things would be wide open on the Cross Island Parkway.

Of course I thought wrong, thanks to the wildly misleading sign.  I had gotten through the (obscene) tolls just about 4, but it was almost 4:30 before I got off the Cross Island onto the Long Island Expressway.  That’s a half-hour to cover a distance of maybe four or five miles.  Once I got on the Expressway the comedy continued.  Traffic was stop and go, more stop than go, all the way to Exit 38 and the Meadowbrook, and after a brief respite locked down again between exits 46 and 50.  The same story repeated itself, as after some semi-decent speeds between exits 50 and 53 I ran into yet another stretch of stop-and-go that did not clear until almost Exit 61.  Keep in mind there were no crashes that I saw, just extremely heavy volume.  It was just before 6 when I finally got home, three and a half hours after starting out.  Thankfully my employer reimburses for travel based on time rather than mileage!

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