Tuesday, October 2 – Wednesday, October 3

Someone please explain it to me.

Perhaps it was the rain.  Drivers do tend to reduce their speed in wet weather, and in heavy traffic slight individual speed reductions compound into much slower speed for the general flow of traffic.  But wait!  It wasn’t raining much at all, for the most part it was just a minor drizzle with long stretches of no precipitation at all.  Whatever the case, something turned Tuesday’s drive home from North Haven into a gut-wrenching ordeal lasting FOUR HOURS!  To put things in perspective, that is twice as long as it took me in the morning.  I left the work site at 3pm as usual, and despite the occasional drizzle I was at the (obscene) toll booths at the Throgs Neck Bridge by 4:15.  I knew that traffic on the Cross Island Parkway and the Long Island Expressway would be heavy, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what was about to happen.  The Cross Island was stop-and-go for the entire way, and the Expressway was more like stop-and-stop.  At 5:15, one hour after crossing the bridge, I was just barely into Nassau County, if I remember correctly near the New Hyde Park Road exit.  We’re talking about one hour to cover a distance of no more than ten miles.

One hour later, at 6:15, I was at Exit 53, having finally driven at a semi-decent clip for an exit or two, only to run into another horrendous delay.  After a half hour of stop-and-go driving, I made it to Exit 61, which as is often the case is the end of the worst of the rush hour traffic.  Another 15 minutes, and I finally got home.  Now, there were no crashes anywhere along the way, so that didn’t explain the horrible traffic.  It also crossed my mind – as you might imagine I had plenty of time to think – that by 6:15 and especially 6:30 most people have been out of work for over an hour, so logically traffic should be much thinner than at the height (depth?) of rush hour.  I just cannot explain the traffic.  One thing that is certain without a doubt, however, is that I was completely exhausted when I finally staggered home, and the rest of the evening was basically a blur.

Wednesday was another easy trip in the morning, but after work I wasn’t about to take any chances and decided to take the ferry.  Momentarily distracted by a horn-blowing car I missed the correct exit in Bridgeport, and after taking the next exit I soon found that finding the ferry entrance from other roads is not an easy task.  Nonetheless I made the 4:30 sailing, and had a stress-free (if pricey) trip home.


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