Friday, October 19

See what I get for trusting a sign?

Everything’s relative.  Compared to yesterday’s agonizingly slow marathon, today’s trip home from Danbury was a breeze.  By objective standards, at almost three and a half hours it was an ordeal.  The thing is, it was an easily preventable ordeal.

Getting to Danbury in the morning was the typical 1:45 – 1:50.  Hey, leaving at 5 am has some advantages.  When I left the worksite about 3, I had some concerns, it being a Friday afternoon and all, but other than some slow traffic on the upper part of the Hutchinson River Parkway everything was moving okay.  Around when I crossed the city line, however, an electronic message sign – one of the temporary roadside ones, like the one that alerted me to yesterday’s follies – said that a lane was closed on the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Knowing what the loss of a lane during rush hour, even the early part thereof, could mean, I decided to stay on the Hutch and take the Whitestone Bridge.  Great idea, right?

You can see where this is going.  Not long after the exit for I-95 south and the Throgs Neck Bridge, traffic on the Hutch came to a standstill.  Either everyone else had the same idea or there was some major problem on up ahead.  Being still well over a mile away from the Whitestone’s (obscene) toll booths, I decided to get off at the next exit, East Tremont Avenue, and make my way to the Throgs Neck.  Surely that bridge had to be far better than the Whitestone even if it were down a lane.

I thereupon spent almost 45 minutes driving all over the Bronx before I finally found the Throgs Neck.  Yesterday I noted that even though I drive through Queens all the time, I don’t know its surface streets very well.  This is doubly – no, more like triply – true for the Bronx.  Even with the aid of Google Maps I cannot retrace my route with any degree of accuracy.  All I can say is that I went through one intersection three times; “East” Tremont Avenue does not go in the indicated direction (which would have gotten me to the Throgs Neck), but rather due south; I may have sorta somewhat gone through a red light or two out of frustration; and the bridge signage is dreadfully bad.

The irony: when I finally got to the Throgs Neck, around 5, traffic was moving just fine.  Even the Cross Island and the Long Island Expressway were better than usual.  Had it not been for my bad decision to try for the Whitestone Bridge I would have made it home in about 2:40.  Not today (sigh).

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