Monday, October 22 – Tuesday, October 23

One big mess avoided

Monday was a typical enough day on the roads.  Long Island Expressway traffic was moving pretty well in the morning, with no more slowdowns near the Nassau-Queens line now that the rough pavement has been smoothed over with a new coat of asphalt.  Drivers no longer have to slow down to a crawl in fear that a minor bump will cause their cars to fall apart.  It’s especially amusing to see such behavior among SUV and pickup drivers, what with the fact that their vehicles are designed to handle rough surfaces.  Actually I should say just SUV drivers, as pickup drivers seem less paranoid.  Anyway, my trip into work was the usual 1:50 or so.  Getting home took about 2:30, with some sluggish traffic on the Hutchinson River Parkway and, somewhat surprisingly, across the Throgs Neck Bridge.  While this made it look as if my trip home would be a lengthy one, traffic on the Cross Island and the Expressway moved better than usual.

Tuesday morning’s trip was more or less a clone of Monday’s.  During the workday, it began to rain, and I was concerned that the weather would delay my return trip.  By the time I left, however, the rain had stopped and I figured that I was in for a decent enough trip home … until I heard the radio traffic report.  A shooting earlier in the day on the Cross Island Parkway had left a Nassau County police officer and a carjacked motorist dead, and the Cross Island was closed at Jamaica Avenue.  While that was further south than where I would exit for the Long Island Expressway, it wasn’t hard to deduce that the Cross Island would be jammed for its entire distance.   Should I take the Whitestone Bridge to the Van Wyck Expressway, or the Throgs Neck to the Clearview?

I actually got off the Hutch at one of the exits in Westchester to look at the traffic mapping app on my phone.  It showed a long red line – a color you never want to see on a traffic map – leading to the Whitestone, while the Throgs Neck looked okay and the Clearview had only a couple short red stretches.  So the Throgs Neck it would be.  I had no particular trouble getting to and over the bridge, and as the map had indicated the Clearview Expressway wasn’t too bad.  The real pleasant surprise, however, is that just like the day before the Long Island Expressway was moving better than average.  The usual slowdown from exits 34 to 38, another one around Exit 49, but otherwise it wasn’t much trouble at all.  I made it home in about 2:20, even with several minutes taken up by my stop in Westchester to look at the phone app.  My fears of a repeat of last Thursday’s horror show proved unfounded.

In an interesting twist, later on Tuesday evening I went to a hot yoga class.  It’s quite a workout, especially with the room at 105 degrees (!), but despite having the flexibility of concrete slabs I made it through more or less intact.

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