Thusday, November 15 – Friday, November 16

A pleasant relic of a bygone era

Thursday had me going to a worksite in central Queens, not far from Monday’s location.  Being a bit gun-shy after Wednesday’s horror show, I got an early start, which paid off because the drive was relatively uneventful.  About the only bad stretch was the Grand Central Parkway from about the city line to the exit for the Van Wyck.  Even with this delay, I made it to the worksite with ample time to spare.

What made the trip especially interesting is that I drove for a few miles on the Jackie Robinson Parkway.  Built in the 1930’s as the Interboro Parkway, this 5-mile road is like a trip back in time, transportationally speaking.  It is narrow and winding, far short of current standards for limited-access highways, but it’s an enjoyable drive.  As much of the route goes through parks (and cemeteries) it doesn’t even seem like an urban thoroughfare.  Many years ago, before my time, the similar-vintage Merritt Parkway in Connecticut was not too dissimilar in character, but it’s been widened and straightened over the decades and today is pretty much your generic highway.

In very sharp contrast to yesterday, the drive home was pretty easy, under 1:30 even with a Diet Pepsi stop in Nassau.  There was no significant traffic on the Grand Central, and the Long Island Expressway was only moderately busy in the usual spots.  I’m starting to think that the Southern State Parkway is an especially evil road that must be avoided during rush hour.

Friday was a day off.  In fact, I’ll have all of next week off, a standard practice in my industry.  The week after Thanksgiving I’m scheduled to go to worksites in Queens and Brooklyn, and I can assure you I won’t be taking the Southern State!

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