Saturday, November 17 – Sunday, November 18

Gas rationing in Nassau and Suffolk counties officially ended at midnight Friday.  I say “officially” because it hadn’t been enforced since about Tuesday, once gas supplies returned to normal and most stations reopened.  All in all, the program was a success, even though it did overstay its welcome a bit.  Had there been no rationing, the massive gas lines would have continued another three or four days.  Perhaps longer, as with people still in a panic-buying mode there might have been lines even with supplies returning to normal.  One thing is crystal clear: our society is completely dependent on ample gasoline supplies, and whenever there’s a supply interruption – or even a perceived supply interruption – chaos ensues.

This was definitely a low-energy weekend for me, though I did buy the Thanksgiving turkey (Bell & Evans, $2.99 a pound at Stop & Shop) and a few other supplies.  I’m going to be doing the baking this year, and I’ve decided to make a Basque pumpkin bread, out of my vintage Breads of France cookbook, and a very special creation that I’ve wanted to make for years: a Ritz Cracker apple pie without the apples.  As I understand it, the idea behind the latter is that when you eat (real) apple pie, what you really taste is the cinnamon and lemon, not so much the apples.  The Ritz Cracker version has cinnamon and lemon, and therefore you don’t notice that it has no apples.  In theory.

On a different note, I managed to haul my lazy carcass to the gym on Sunday and ellipted for 30 minutes, at a fairly decent pace.

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