Tuesday, November 27

I wish I had taken the train

Yesterday I took the train to the day’s worksite even though it would have made more sense to have driven.  Today was quite the opposite – I drove, but wish I hadn’t.  The worksite was in central Brooklyn, just off Flatbush Avenue. To get there by train I could have taken the LIRR to the Flatbush Avenue terminal (now known as Atlantic Terminal, but I still think of it by its old name), and then the B or Q subway to Church Avenue.  I decided to drive, however, because the location didn’t look too far from the end of the Jackie Robinson Parkway, and also because I’d have a fairly long walk once I got off the subway.

Suffice to say I made a very wrong decision.  While traffic on the Northern State Parkway wasn’t too bad, once I crossed the city line and the road became the Grand Central Parkway, traffic got just plain horrible.  It was stop and go for the next several miles, with the “stop” portions well outnumbering the “go” portions.  I had left home at 6:15 am intending to get to the worksite by 8, but by the time I made it to the Jackie Robinson Parkway it was already 8:10.  Traffic got better at that point, though I still had to contend with a few million red lights on the city streets in Brooklyn.  It was 8:45 when I made it to the worksite, thankfully my hours are fairly flexible.

The return trip was almost as bad, clocking in at about two and a half hours.  It differed from the morning’s trip in that there wasn’t really one particularly bad point, instead it consisted of sluggish traffic for most of the way.  It was raining with occasional wet snow, which only made things worse.  By the time I got home, all I could think of is how stupid I had been for not taking the train!

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